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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


DarylNORMAN wrote:> > > If other vents used a well known vent's catch phrases 'I Keel You' I don't think it matters if 50 or 500 vents use that line ...its already established who originated it belongs to them until someone comes along and re invents it, like Berle's I'll Keel you a millyoin times, or Jack Benny's Weeelll!! or Jimmy Nelson's Farfel... N E S T L E S Nestles make the very best chocolate...its known that it belongs to a certain comedian. I Think that by using it or re inventing the same phrase its a credit to the origionator, doesn't Dunham's Achmed The Dead Terrorist 'I Keel You' sound the same as Berle's? Each honors the one before.> One Man's Opinion:> N J and the Vent5

Hi Norman. I agree, but sometimes a bit can be modified with a nod to the owner, and make for a new wrinkle in a show. I sometimes ask, especially here in the South, "How many of you like Jeff Foxworthy?" Lots of hands go up, of course.Well, there are small, harmless, very pretty snakes with a brilliantly colored ventral surface and a bright ring around the neck - a reclusive, fossorial and rather prolific species called, appropriately enough, Ringneck snakes.Sooo... if the toe of an old tennis shoe is your idea of luxury accommodations, you might be a Ringneck.If slugs, grubs and salamander eggs are your idea of gourmet fare, you might be a Ringneck.That's as far as I usually go (though I have several more) but it's clearly a respectful nod to the originator, and I move on quickly after generating a couple of good laughs.

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