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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Thank you. I got a lot of helpful emails sent to me personally and I appreciate everyone's input. Mostly, I got tired of reading non-vent stuff in the messages and wanted to get some real dialog out there. Perhaps I sounded like I needed help in my introductions, rather than simply trying to get people to talk about what fun new way they do things. I guess I sounded too "needy" instead of what I really meant, which was "come on people... let's talk vent instead of just venting!"

Again, thank you, I appreciate your advice. Hope to see you at the convention in 6 months!

--- On Sat, 1/10/09, N J Holtzman wrote:
From: N J Holtzman Subject: Re: [WORLDVENTS] Favorite ways to bring your puppet out to meet the audienceTo: "Lisa Stover" Date: Saturday, January 10, 2009, 10:08 PM
From my acting experience Go out there and warm the audience up as though you are the opening act, talk about your characters, just a little some thing about each one, where they are from what they are going to do , just the ones you will be using. Then simply say something like 'well here he is the one the only Elva H a country bumpkin', well you get the idea. This gives the set up,

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