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Monday, January 5, 2009


By Trevor Burch (England)As a boy I dreamed my dreamsOf what life had in store for me.My greatest wish was to be on-stage …A ventriloquist I hoped to be.My passion grew to be on-stage …I yearned for wealth and fame.So dad bought me my first vent doll,And ‘Charlie’ was his name.He came to be my dear best friend,We’d sit and talk on anything.He learned to move and wink and nod,He’d laugh and cry and even sing.And as I grew into a manMuch closer we became.We worked in clubs and shows and pubs,And slowly we found fame.Summer shows … the West End too;We travelled far and wide.The Palladium and TV shows,We took them in our stride.He loved it in the dressing roomLooking smart and in the pink.The dancing girls would catch his eye …I’m sure I often saw him wink.And when on-stage he took command …The crowds all laughed aloud.He tossed the dialogue back and forthAnd looked so very proud.He never faltered with his act,And if I forgot my lines,He’d simply turn and smile and say,‘Good job I don’t forget mine’.‘Charlie’ never had a lady friend,He said it didn’t matter.He knew she wouldn’t joke like him,She’d only sit and chatter.He had good looks and gracious charm,Small and slim with dark brown hair.He’d always be my little pal,Together we made the perfect pair.For ‘Charlie’ to me was very real,I always tried to treat him kind.He had nice clothes … his own room too,And his carry case was velvet lined.But time passed by and I grew old …The years they came and went.‘Charlie’ suggested many timesHe’d get a younger vent.But after all these years on-stageWe’re still together him and me.We often sit and reminisceOf how things used to be.I now look back upon those daysAnd thank God for the gift he gave to me.And if I were to live my life againA ventriloquist I still would wish to be.

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