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Friday, January 9, 2009


NJ, Thanks!
My first vent inspiration was a local comedy icon named Jun Urbano. He's more commonly known here in the Philippines for his "Mr. Shooli" character. He was that character, not a puppet or figure. He's one of the very few vents here when I started learning the craft. But the thing that really taught me vent was the book "Ventriloquism for Today" by Paul Stadelmann. I believe it's still one of the best instructional vent books around. I was still in the advertising industry, a copywriter and Creative Director, when I started performing. When I turned pro, I left the corporate world and went full-time. Edgar Bergen and Paul Winchell were the two most influencial vents for me. I loved how they created their characters. I have so many vent friends around the world, thanks for the net! I especially love Uncle Bill DeMar, who's so inspiring and helpful. He taught me a lot of things, especially his Tape-Over-Mouth bit which is now my finale and highlight in almost all my shows. My main characters are all wood figures: Nonoy (a Hartz boy) and Mr. Parley (which I created). With these two figures I can do my full show. My other wood figure is Prof. Oke (a Hartz head-in-the-box). I have lots of Axtells puppets, too. I am happy that, in my little way, I have helped bring ventriloquism in the public's attention, at least in our country. Though there were one or two local vents around when I started, I was the first to really put vent regularly in adult venues, like comedy clubs, corporate events, etc. Highlights of my career? Among others, I was lauded by the Philippine government--through the National Commission for Culture and the Arts--for my contribution in the local theater arts. I was the very first ventriloquist to be able to perform at the Cultural Ceter of the Philippines Main Theater. I also won in the recent 2008 international Axtell Puppet Video Challenge, vent division. I'm not really comfortable writing these things, NJ, and they can just visit my website for other details about me and my act ( Attached is a photo of me and Nonoy. Thanks again, Ony Carcamo, Ventriloquist

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