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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I guess in our time now it's practically not that too important whether we use soft or hard figure, for either adult and kid audiences.The two most important factors, IMHO, are CHARACTER AND MATERIAL.In the first part of the last century, many vents were using SOLELY hard figures for their kidshows (e.g. Paul Stadelman), and they were successful. Nowadays there have been lots of great vets using soft puppets in adult shows (e.g. Jeff Dunham, Ronn Lucas). It really doesn't matter. Jay Marshall and Shari Lewis used glove and sock puppets, respectively, and entertained both kids and adults.I know Willie Tyler is using just Lester, hard figure, for his kids and adult shows.And, oh, how can I forget the great Senor Wences! He was talking to an "invisible" Johnny puppet most of his act!Character and material. Those two are the heart of every vent's performance.
ONY (Philippines)
www.onycarcamo. com

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