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Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi guys, new to the group here. First let me preface this email by saying I think Jeff Dunham is a fantastic entertainer/ comedian/ ventriloquist. I think he started out as a ventriloquist but now is a comedian using ventriloquism? While its true he has worked hard for decades to achieve this kind of "mega success" and has brought ventriloquism into the mainstream I think there is still room for more! Does ventriloquism stop with Jeff or Terry? What about the other greats that seem to go unmentioned Jay or Ron for example. What about the "undiscovereds" many of which you can see daily on Youtube? Yeah probably more bad Vents on Youtube then good, but Ive seen a few very GOOD ones on Youtube! Some professionals of course and others starting out. Is there room for them at the top? For sure there is. How many singers are there? How many actors is there? Nobody stopped with just one or two! Just to throw this out there, Terry Fator is a better technical ventriloquist then Jeff Dunham! (ssshhh for a second now!)BUT>> Terry only won Americas got Talent because he can sing! Thats what that show is all about! Im afraid to tell you guys if Dunham was an unknown, and was on Americas got talent he would not have made it! He does not sing! Speaking of techincal Venting...Dunham slips quite a bit on the lip control and sometimes flubs his lines or slurs! Ive seen it several times now...not to be too critical of course! I think hes tired or at least he looks it. Im a virtual nobody so why does my opinions matter? They dont! Just my observations. Hands down for a technical ventriloquist I would think Jay Johnson has all of them beat! In the older days we had Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell ect. each had shows or were on TV. Jeffs accomplishments has truly fueled the flames for ventriloquists all over the world but there is room for more! There are other great ventriloquists out there who should be seen. I guess what Im saying is while Jeff is doing wonders for ventriloquism under a "comedians" title, there are many others under the actual "ventriloquist" title doing their small part! Hard to argue...its impossible to argue with Jeffs success but just pointing out my observations. So come on guys is there room for you at the top or are you just gonna let Jeff and Terry take it all...forever! Reading the posts here on worldvents makes it seem Jeff is a ventriloquist "god"...he most certainly is not mayby rockstar status...God would never use adult material lol...just kidding Jeffs material is great. Glad he finally changed some of it after 20 some years of performing. Of course he had to change his material or at least add material because of his new characters. Like they say though you dont change something unless its broke so why would you change. Until the additions of his new characters Jeffs routines remained the same over all those years. He must have picked up some writers! In my mind Jeff has always been a great ventriloquist! Master at manipulation, character voices and sometimes very good lip control. I think the lip control has gone by the wayside nowdays, but who needs it if your actually just a "comedian" or I mean have great characters! I know some of you will silently agree with me and most may disagree with my observations. Thats fine to each their own. God bless the Vent community and all the greats...and the unknowns! Keep on doing your thing guys and gals! Hope to see you all at the top!

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