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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


About Me
Hi my name is Sue Johnson I live in Sahuarita, AZ, which is south of Tucson.I have been in ministry for 18 years working with kids mostly junior kids 7-12.I got involved with puppetry at first when a Missionary home on sabbatical from thePhilippines visited my church. It was from that moment that I knew that God had a greater ministry for me.
It wasn’t until a short time later that a ventriloquist came to my church that I got interested in vent in fact I asked him where I could get some resources and of course he gave me none other than Maher Studios phone number.
After I got the Maher catalogue I saw the course for ventriloquism and I took it and 3 months later I surprised our church congregation during a singsperatin. They loved what I did and have been venting ever since.
Most of what I have done has been mostly in Children’s church and on occasion such venues as assisted living and most recently a daycare center.
A year and a half ago I had a vision for doing a website, but not any website a site that would be more than just about me, but one that would inspire or teach about the things of the Bible using the art of ventriloquism, not only featuring me but my characters as well.
On this site you will see printed material, photos and videos. And if you have anything that you would like to share let us know and we will post it for you.
God BlessSue Johnson
Heart of a Ventriloquist – Interview with Susan Johnson, an Arizona VentriloquistBy Angela ScottSaturday, September 22nd, 2007
Introduced to Susan Johnson only over the telephone, I immediately knew we share a similar love for Ventriloquism. My hope is to introduce you to Susan and her gift she shares with others, the gift of Ventriloquism.
1. What is one thing every Ventriloquist must do?
Every ventriloquist must practice. It is better if you can keep a regular rehearsal schedule. Maybe on one day you work with one character, and the next day a different one. Practice is key to success.
2. What is one thing every Ventriloquist must avoid?
Stealing material.
I recommend developing your own style. It is okay to get ideas from other ventriloquists. Also, use material that is appropriate for you. This depends on the type of venue you are working in, i.e. schools.
3. Is this Ventriloquist stuff something that is here to stay?
Ventriloquism is here to stay. It has been around for thousands of years. It dates back to Biblical times.
4. Can someone work successfully as a Ventriloquist if they are in a crowded niche?
Ventriloquists are so spread out world wide that a ventriloquist can find his or her niche; they just have to go out and get it.
5. What has Ventriloquism done for you?
It has opened up doors for going into churches and I have become more creative and passionate about what I want to do.
6. What trends do you currently see in Ventriloquism?
Since I do most of my work in the church, Ventriloquism is a growing ministry for many because it is different and a great way to share God’s love and His message.
7. When did you first become interested in Ventriloquism?
It was about twelve years ago when missionaries were home on sabbatical from the Philippines and they worked with kids like I do.

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