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Friday, October 23, 2009

This morning as I turned on my tv to watch the news I discovered with a tear in my eye that one of my childhood favorites Soupy Sales has passed away...Soupy there will be plenty of pies to toss around at your new audience. White fang and Black Tooth (hope thats the right way, I always mixed that up) his two hand puppets who Ihaen't seen in a while lost their creator. Each of us should raise a pie in his honor get in the toss position 1...2...3 let it rip, Too many tears in my eyes I think I missed my target... Soupy Sales Born Milton Supman on Jan 8, 1926 in N.C., typically clad in a black sweater and oversized poka-dot bow tie. One afternoon while watching the show I remember he was suspemnded from his show for telling the children to send in all the green pieces of paper in their mothers and fathers pocket with the presidents on them. What can one say that hasn't been said already about this funny man Soupy you will greatly be missed.

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LeeDean said...

Soupy with Alice Cooper, small bug and large puppet my favorite on tube.