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Sunday, April 19, 2009


How many of you remember the many ventriloquists that entertained us as contestants for the various pageants like Miss America, Miss USA, Miss World, Miss universe, ect...... And how many can remember the various ventriloquist that appeared on the many telethons like MDA, Cerebral Palsy, and the many other telethons... Last but certainly not least when the Variety show was king on TV it was like Vaudeville all over again and many of the great ventriloquists from that era appeared on shows like Hollywood Palace, The Ed Sullivan Show,Dean Martin show, Ted Macks origional Amatuer Hour, the Colgate Comedy Hour, shows... The many Talk shows like Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, Joe Franklin, Phil Donahue, all the local and regional variety and talk shows as well as all the more popular national shows, now who were the vents who appeared on these shows..... I think this is enough to rock your brains for some time hope we come up with some forgotten vents as well....
If there is a Hall of Fame for Ventriloquists... or if not, in your judgement who should have made it from each year and who should have been the vent of the decades from 1900's to present.... Lets see what we can come up with. Have fun enjoy the search as well as I am and lets see us name as many vents in each catagory as possible.

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