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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am a new ventriloquist-I find it very dificult to remember my lines, I can change my voice and I can manipulate my vent figure fairly well but I am afraid that attention will be drawn to my moving lips, what am I to do? Jack- Trenton, NJ

You are to have fun-you are to generate over the footlights and through the audience the feeling of having a good time. The most important responsibility you have is to show your audience you are doing the best you can and making them feel good. Don't worry about being a bad vent, that causes stage freight, remember you are there to please them as well as having fun. If you show the audience your having trouble, the audience's attention will be on that trouble. I hope this answered your question and to all you other newbies as well.

Many new vents feel that this is a disadvantage there is really nothing to worry about, HAVE FUN...I know there are many experienced vents who might want to elaborate on this..feel free to do so.

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