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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Bye Vera-Maude-Dorothy Look out God here comes Mause Make Room

Bea Arthur has passed away last night Saturday 4/25/2009 You say what does she have to do with Vent/Magic/ect well my friends she has inspired many skits and has brought more magic to our eyes then many magicians have. I have been honored to have met her at an opening in 1968 for the movie and I am sad to hear of her passing....because she's gonna leave the world one sad place without her funny's...I remember the days of 'Mame' both Stage and film, and that of The day that america came to know her on 'All In The Family' as well as her very own spinoff on 'Maude' and how she almost single handedly helped the American Woman's Movement, having a key role, as if any of the four didn't have a key role on 'The Golden Girls'...Well Bea (Vera-Maude-Dorothy) 'God got you for that'...Good Bye my friend (she was a member of every american house hold)I will surely miss you and you as you will leave a hole in america's comedy... Glad I had that moment when we met 40 years ago. Look out God Make room for Maude.


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