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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am sorry to hear you may of been offended. As I perform putdown humor,I have the intention to release the tension we have as Americans on issues of race ,gender etc. Not really to offend. If I do offend that means I am not being empathetic to the audience.

In reference to doing the putdown on you...nothing personal its just comedy. If I have offended you I sorry you feel that way. :-) You seemed to have a great sense of humor.

In addition I read you wanted to say hi backstage. The agent did ask me if I knew you and I said I had not,but I would have been more than happy to say HII. I am a easy person to approach. I had flown in and out of Florida three times that week with a cold and I think the agent was trying to be kind. I was not aware you tried to say Hi.

However feel free to give me your phone # and Ill call you and we can catch up verbally. Ill be happy to answer any questions you have about Vent and shows etc

First let me inform you that I wanted to meet you to discuss vent, but I was turned away for whatever reason. I don't take it to heart. I hold nothing against you or your routine, I have witnessed your routine before and consider you the Don Rickles of Ventriloquism, so expected your slight of lip routine. Yet there were some who you picked on here who found you disturbing...must admit, but remember that all is in the name of fun and I am witness to it. Hope your Holiday was nice and If you are in Kentucky in July I would be looking forward to meeting you at that time. I would also like to do a spot on my Blog with you along with some pictures a business card and a history Bio.If you can find the time to send this request it would be-
mailed to me at
Ventriloquially Yours

In reference to some people find the material disturbing. I t find it disturbing that people don't see the humor in it, A ranting dummy making of fun of stereotypes only brings to light what we are sensitive about. I could write volumes about this but don't have the time
I did write a few pages of info in this in one if the Vent blogs.
.I am surprised that people are sensitive to the point where they can be offended in 2009. But that's what males the world go round I suppose. I always consider what I do to be roasting and not burning..But with that kind of humor its not 100%

Thanks Jpz

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