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Monday, April 20, 2009


At 6 years old, the first book Steve took from the library inspired him to become a magician.
By age 14, his parents regularly chaffeured him around his hometown to entertain at kids' birthdays and fulfill his dream. Following high school, he paid his way through college entertaining children and family audiences with magic, ventriloquism and balloon sculpting.
A few years later, he appeared in the December 1993 issue of Smithsonian magazine with his most popular ventriloquist character Darryl the Dinosaur. In the late 1990's, Steve was flattered when he was invited to perform at the White House where he entertained for thousands of children and their families. Now happily married for more than a decade with two children of his own who put up with his silliness daily, Steve still hasn't grown up. With thousands of shows to his credit, he continues living those early dreams he had as a child -- of entertaining and inspiring children with magic and ventriloquism! If you see any one magician ventriloquist while in the New England area be sure its this adult kids'll be glad you did.
RI magician and ventriloquist Steve Zany is one of the only performers of his kind in New England.

RI magician and ventriloquist Steve Zany is one of the only performers of his kind in New England.
He is a wacky family entertainer who will keep your kids of all ages (and parents too), amazed, laughing and clapping for more.

You'll find Steve Zany is energetic, spontaneous and talented. He knows how to thrill and excite the people at your next family gathering because he is keenly sensitive to the dynamics of each audience and exceeding your expectations.
Steve will bring his fast-paced, cutting-edge show right to you and fill your event with hilarious magic, lively ventriloquist characters and surprises.
Birds of a feather flock together. RI magician ventriloquist Steve Zany & goofy bird Berkeley.
Steve can also mix in colorful balloon animal making at your function.
One thing's for sure...Each performance by RI magician and ventriloquist Steve Zany is a new and unique creation and you never know what's going to happen next. And, he will work with you to make your kids function something everyone will talk about.

He will keep kids of all ages and I do mean all ages from 2 to 102 laughing and begging for more. He is so energetic and spontaneous with so much talent it pours off of him, like water from a waterfall. He will wow you at your kids parties, he knows his audience and believe me he will surpass your wildest expectations. He gives you Magic- he gives you Ventriloquism and balloon animals which the kids go wild over. His goofy characters are sure to make the kids in all of us jump for joy and beg for more, please.

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