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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hello again my friends here at ventriloquially yours. Thank you for stopping in again to say hello, glad to have you here. Last night I sprawled out on my bed with my Maher books, Magazines articles pertaining to ventriloquism , a mirror a tape recorder, turned on my computer, entered the world of Youtube got into the many childrens ventriloquist routines by some of the greatest ventriloquists around the world and had the most exciting and relaxing 21/2 hours i've had in a long time. Got a few calls from some performers I know and we chewed the fat in regards to possible swine flu routines that we could include in our acts...there was some positive and some negativity in regards to that topic, what are your feeling regarding same? I also went into my Steve Taylor Humoring your dummy tape, had a few laughs, Paul Winchell brought back some fond memories, Jimmy Nelson and his N E S T L E S commercial, Ed Sullivan and TOPO Giggio, Velvel also on Sullivan who he called Solomon, Ventriloquism 101 by Lee Cornell a unique style
and Neller's DVD... All I can say is WOW what a wonderful time I gave myself.

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