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Thursday, April 30, 2009


'How do I become a clown? it takes tonstons of practice of learning, falls, joking make up, and having the clown heart. Does it sound odd, yes it does because it takes a special someone to be a clown, its not for everyone. Even if your funny it doesn't make you a clown. Sounds strange, I know! Not everyone that is funny can be a clown... it takes a special talent.
White Face Clown - Never show skin color, white all over the face, neck and hands. Clowns like Bozo and Ronald McDonald are white face clowns. These are generally the boss clowns, the clowns other clowns like to play tricks on.
Auguste Clown - Mix there skin color with their make up, very colorful costumes, they are generally the goofy style clowns, usually get in trouble, energetic and acrobatic and will be bossed around by the white faced clown.
Character Clowns - The most famous of all is Emmet Kelly, the hobo type clown, usually the sad sack, rarely smile,they don't speak. When a child smiles at them they are very happy.
The clown has been. around for 100's of years to make children of all ages laugh at their antics. To learn about clowning visit your local library or a circus, or just click onto your internet. You can find clowns at bazaars, street fairs, parades, childrens parties houses of worship, different organizations also have clowns, hospitals have clowns.
The best and number one way to become a clown is to go to clown school.. Wait a minute!! Clowns have to go to school? Yes folks they certainly do, not only schools but also conventions, and clown camp with 100;s of clowns in Wisc.,meet for a week. Lots of fun learniung things you never knew before. It sure is a lot of fun, and you get to learn stuff you never knew before, you get to meet and learn from other clowns. You learn things like, ballooning applying make up, costumes, wigs, magic, juggling, children's parties and a whole bunch of other things.
Another good place to learn is from books, that is how I started. When you learn as much as you can, find other clowns to learn from... you will soon find yourself clowning around all the time! Call up a local magic shop or clown supply store for books about clowning. Read magic books, balloon animal books, and joke books! If you are on the Internet, there are several good web sites that have magic books for sale.
Now clowning can be expensive, but does not have to be. Get good, quality make-up, it is not too expensive... but you want something better than halloween make-up. A clown wig is nice, but you don't have to wear one. A good hat is important if you don't wear a wig. Keep searching for hats... find one that feels right to you, one you can play with... you will know when you find the right one! Beautiful costumes are great, but cost money. If you are just starting out, find some colorful, silly or old clothes - maybe things that are too big. If you are a tramp clown, sew patches all over. If you can, make your own costume, or get someone to make one for you. My pants and vest are made, not store bought. Clown shoes really add to the fun... but they are expensive too. For beginners, get some inexpensive tennis shoes and use colorful fabric paints to cover them. You can use big shoes, just fill up the end of the toe so they don't fall off! You are now on your way to being a clown!
Next, build up a personality. Don't just be you with make up on... have a totally different person come out when the make up is in place! You can use a silly voice, but you don't have to. Learn to walk different, move your arms different, and make some funny faces. I think it helps to watch some classic comedians to learn how to make things funny without ever talking. Watch Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Abbott and Costello, Buster Keaton, Jerry Lewis... even Jim Carrey! Don't copy them, just watch how they use their faces and bodies to make things funny.
Now, after you get your character down pat, have decent make-up and costume, learn a few cool things (Magic, Juggling or Balloon Animals), and are ready to face the world... just go out and do it! Start with parades, do some special event appearances, or just entertain the family at the next reunion - but always get permission to appear at events or parades before-hand. After awhile, you will find a new person coming out in you that you never knew was there... and guess where he/she was hiding this whole time? Your heart!

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