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Thursday, March 12, 2009


F: Oh, boy! I love this time of year!
V: Why is that?
F: My favorite holiday is coming up!
V: Really?
F: Yes! My favorite holiday is Passover! I was born on passover!
V: Wow!
F: I was a suprise in an egg matzo box
V: I thought they were crumbs.
F: That's what people think, your a crumb!
V: So you must know a lot about Passover.
F: I know a lot about Passover!
V: What do you like best about Passover?
F: I like the lights on the menorah and the 8 days of gift giving. And people singing songs of lights...
V: That's not Passover! Does anyone know what holiday that is? (pause) That's right! That's Chanuka!
F: Oh, yeah! That's the festival of lights! Now I remember what Passover is all about!
V: Good.
F: On Passover I get a cake, and they put a candle on the cake, and I spit on the candle and make a wish!
V: That's your birthday!
F: I told you I was born on Passover.
V: And you don't spit on the candle.
F: Yes, I do! That way no one else wants any cake! I get it all for myself!
V: Passover is is ....
F: Wait, wait, wait! I know now! On Passover we have fireworks and everything is red, white, and blue!
V: Kids do you know, what holiday that is? pause... Yes, the fourth of July!
F: When is that?
V: It's on the 4th of July.
F: That's lucky! If it was on August 2nd it could be confusing!
V: Let me tell everyone what happened on Passover.
F: Give me a hint! (Stares at your face.) I got it!
V: I didn't say anything!
F: On passover we all wear a scary mask!
V: No!
F: And we ask for candy!
V: No!
F: And we say, "Boo!"
V: No!
F: And if we don't get any candy we say, "Boo-hoo!" (starts to cry)
V: What's the matter?
F: You didn't give me any candy.
V: It isn't Halloween.
F: Then why are you wearing that mask!
V: Let me tell everyone what Passover is all about. If the ground Hog sees his shadow after three days, he'll go back in the ground and we'll have 6 more weeks of bad weather.
V: NO! I'll explain it to you later! (Put puppet away and ask for a volunteer to come up and explain what happened on the first night of Passover. Keep in mind that most kids under 3rd grade may not know.)

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