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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Lets consider the primary reason for any storytelling, it's educational, but let us not forget that storytelling is an art and its primary purpose is entertainment, opening new doors to the things around them whether for educational, fun or moral purposes, or all of the above. The job of the storyteller is to enlarge and enrich the childs imagination and hopefully stimulate the child to open up to questions, regarding subject. What shall we attempt to accomplish by telling stories in the class room, at a library, a fair or anyplace children gather to be entertained: It builds character and what is a ventriloquist and his vent figure doing with storytelling.. The younger audience seems to listen to a vent character well before listening to a storyteller without a figure, because the children relate to something close to their own size and the figure makes it enjoyable by adding some levity to it, the older children listen because they see fun in it and get a few laughs when the figure plays a few tricks on the ventriloquist, By substituting wrong words in the body of the story the children help correct it by shouting out what should be the correct word.Other areas of interest is, you can teach them interesting facts from all and any direction,lets pretend, birds and the bees, wind and the rain, lets end bullying, the arts and sciences, fairy tales, history of our country and foreign countries, children of far away places. You can mold and shape childrens minds by opening their eyes to things like butterflies in a once upon a time story, when you tell a story to a youngster you are like an artist painting a picture on canvas, or a photographer taking picture osf points of interest so be sure you have the right camera and the right film or those pictures may not come out quite like you expect them to be, so be sure that your relating of a story to children is clear and understandable, unless your character attempts to rearrange that illlusion, the pictures on the childrens minds must be vivid and sharp images. I have just barely touched on what I want to share with you all in being a storyteller to the children and I know you all must have a story you want to share. but as a skit including you and your vent figure.

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