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Monday, March 2, 2009


Slap Happy the new clown was skeptical about making a penny vanish by folding it inside a yellow banana, a yellow banana he thought how on earth, and then putting it inside his large pants pocket. Did he follow directions, I think not because if he would have listened closer when the clown master told him in a yellow bandana, not banana a little more closely the trick just might have worked a whole lot better, and so would the skit have.

If you are fond of making practical jokes and one-liners, making people laugh with you antics and magic shows and all that crazy stuff, then you might want to learn how to be a clown. You can learn how to become a clown right in your own living room at your own leasure. When you have worked your craft maybe some of your neighbors will hire you to be the guest during their kid’s birthday party. There are many websites that offer directions on becomming a clown for free. Yes, you’re right, why buy the book when all i need is a computer or a library, and yes your right but you also need a mentor, someone to show the hows and pratfalls, which can not be learned by reading. There are several sites that do offer some clown tips and tricks from how to paint your clown face, what kind of costumes you need to wear or what tricks or anecdotes or wise-cracks you need to utter to make everybody laugh. They’re free because they’re limited, ideas on how to entertain everyone is fine but there is more. So remember to make the cake correctly you need to buy all the ingredients and learn all the directions, not just some, you need to buy the whole shelf if you want the best performance, protection or whatever else you need to make your training the best. It’s just the same as trying to learn how to become a joker or a clown. With an investment, say, for a book that teaches how to be a clown, you can get unlimited ideas and there are many different kinds of clowning. There are ideas for kids’ birthday parties, different “motif” for a school trade fair. Why, you might even learn how to be a clown during Halloween and don’t forget that Halloween is just around the corner, so be careful of the next corner you turn you might run smack dab into Halloween, oh and wait then there is, Christmas and entertaining your relatives during Christmas Eve before the hour of 12 strikes. Who know, you might even become famous for your “endeavors”. So, what is the best way to learn how to be a clown? The ideal place to learn is your own home, at your own pace and time and with a little help from some books, and a mentor and there are many out there, read all or as many as possible and work the craft but read the book before you buy the item, buyer beware, some times you get more then you bargain for. Be the best clown you can be, smile big joke funny and simply entertain the kids by clowning”. The best part is, you can surprise the kids like during Halloween or Christmas as well as other holidays take the craft to the streets as in bazaars, carnivals trade shows, and watch their eyes opened wild with amazement to find out that the best clown they have seen in their life is no one else but their dear old Dad, grandpa, uncle or neighbor. Now, wouldn’t that make your heart inflate with delight, too?

The amount of enjoyment one can have when clowning and making someone laugh is endless, oh you vents don't forget to add clowning to your show, come dressed as a clown, have your pal dressed as a clown as well and the kids will be laughing before you tell the first joke.

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