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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I never took a picture of him but we did, together. One of my dreams was about to come true. I now really felt the part of a Vent and I was an adopted papa. I was about to have a portrait done of my Pal and myself for the first time. I wore my favorite blazer and he wore one that was made to look exactly like mine. It was a burgandy colored blazer with big black buttons. The pants were Black the shoes where shiny new. I was about to become cinderfella. Am I imagining this or is this for real. I felt like a new person a prince in his new regal garb, being ready to be presented to his pricipality. This was the first time we were to wear these new clothes and it made me feel special. My adopted son, a royal, a ventriloquial figure named C J, wearing the same clothes , which I bought for him before I even knew he was to become part of my life. Today we've ventured out as a team, a couple, a father and his son, two princes of the realm, a ventriloquist and his figure.
Back to the photographers studio, my photographer Sydney Snodgrass had me stand behind C J as I placed him in the big chair for our portrait, the photographer adjusted the back drop and lights and focused the camera to enhance the picture. "Take a deep breathe, both of you" he said, as he snapped the first picture, of course I let out with a big laugh as to realizing he made a funny and he knew it. I was courious as to how many times Sydney has done this, photographing Vents and their pals? So of course with my curiosity I asked him "how many Dummys have you photographed?"...he of course gave me a look of wonderment and I had to readjust the question. "How many wooden dummy's have you taken pictures of?" This was his first but I know I will have to see to it that its not his last. Syd said that the pictures would be available to be viewed on the internet sometime later that evening. But 3 hours after we had left the studio I received a phone call telling me that the pictures were now ready for viewing.
How excited I became to be able to see the first pictures of my pal, buddy, business partner in studio pictures- 72 pictures in slide show format. I felt the magic of being a kid again You couldn't believe how filled with love I felt at that very moment... I must admit that when I left the studio I was a different person then when I first entered.
We laughed and chatted during my photo session, I am so happy that I listened to that tiny voice in my head that was still kindled in my heart, my desires for ventriloquism and I am so glad I did. I have new hope and asperations at a time when most people are getting ready to retire I am getting ready to start a new life. This has renewed my courage and forward moving desires to perform for the younger world. Now I ask you have you had similar feelings before you decided to get involved in the world of Vent? Tell us about them, As a reader of this Blog I know you've got stories to tell.
So I emplore you to never let your dream fade away, always look forward to its fullfillment, not its could have been, if only... Yes there will be obsticles in the way, but get over them, climb them, go around then of pass through them but most importantly is get past them When the power of desire is fueled the wonder of the lord makes them happen. Be happy in your life for you only pass this way just once, make the best of it.Am I happy to enter the dooras of childhood again, more then you can imagine, remember age isn't a barrier, you are your own worst enemy. So don't get in your own way.

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