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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I will be going to the conVENTion this year for the first time. I am also new at ventriloquism. The hotel across the street (Hotel 8 ) is only about $55.00 a night. There is a great deli up the street a few blocks. Hotel 8 has refrig in each room so you can bring or buy food at the super market on DIXIE and have a great meal every day. There are 2 cafe in the Drawbridge Hotel one is always open, food is good and it is great to mingle. You will want to bring plenty of business cards because you will meet new friends you'll want to trade cards with. I checked planes and decided to take a non stop flight from Miami to Cinn. Trains took too long and buses were very unconfortable for a 30 hour trek. I really didnt want to drive. I checked campground. About $10. a day but I had to rent a car and pay gas round trip 1/2hr each way a day. It They also give you a continental breakfast every day of your stay, all you can eat. Take you puppet with you always, you don't want to trust it alone in the room. You can share and learn morewhen you bring your charater.Your will want money for books and dont buy a puppet unless you have one in mind already, and I do. I learned that the hard way many times! Do you want a bird puppet.. or something else besure what it is. Be sure to make use of the hospitality suite you will get to meet many new friends here. They serve drinks and feed you as well. If you decide to use the Hotel 8 its just about 1/2 block away across a parking lot and across a small street.

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