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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Whats in motion tends to stay in motion. The family style show has an equal and opposite action. Terry's show is the safest and cleanest show on the strip at the Mirage. Terry spent a year at the Hilton and is now at the Mirage in the Terry Fator Theatre which holds 750 seats. The lighting is state of the art, the stage can be changes to a game show set. Itsa like one big party before Fator takes the stage. His cast consists of Wilson and impersonating turtle.. He must be a long distant cousin to Kermit, The singing cowboyWalter T Arsdale, Vikki, soul singer Julius, rocker stoner Diugieand Maynard Tomkins the Elvis impersaonator. Doesn't he know any Presley songs? Terrys songs range from Garth BrooksRod Stewart,Etta James,Louie Armstrong, Axl Rose, and Elvis. Terry tells funny jokes and yodels, but its a bit old and the guests are just being kind, they groaned as a few jokes dropped to the floor with a loud crash.
Terry dresses in a red leather jacket as he does a Michael Jackson 'Bad' piece, that also didn't go off too well using his cowboy puppets to do Garth Brooks, Friends in Low Places. The Vikki Puppet vamped off stage while Terry and The Commodores sang 'Brick House' Did we get lost in time what year were we in what decade was this anyway? Terry also does the human puppet bit with a guest from his audience. Terry does Sonny and his Cher puppet, the guest from the audience. Funny stuff. Lou Ferrigno was the lucky recipient of the cher wig in Bob Mackey Gown and the remote mask doing 'I've Got You Babe'. As a vent I would see this as a cute act while others were being kind, while other see it as appropriate and patriotic. Terry is certainly talented, you can't take that away from him, he's likeable and professional. The show is well timed and polished to a glistening shine.
This was opening night and opening night comes with its full share of jitters and goofs, I am sure that when the show has gained some speed its sure to be a winner. Be sure to see this show when your in Vegas, you'll be pleasantly pleased.

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