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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I must admit I never been to a single I Fest convention, not because I didn't want to go its because I haven't been to any vent convention yet, well at least not till this year. But I am about to attempt to tell you as much about it as I possibly can, This is where some of you vents who have attended can assist me in what I might omit, accidently. The city that the convention is held in is Bourbonaisse, IL. next door to Kankakee. The college is Olivet Nazarene University. The faculty is great but unseen durin the convention. I will not attempt to compare the 2 conventions but just let those who have never attended in on some knowledge. I am aware of people who go to both so they are fairly similar. Housing is not great but food is delicious. The local motels are a better choice for staying. But you will save a few dollars in car rental if you stay on campus. You can go to and pull down a listing of the schedule for the conference. It starts early and ends late. About half of the people are local and go just for the last few days, but there are almost 500 people there all week long. (Mon. afternoon to Saturday afternoon). It is alrger then Vent Haven, the instructors there are top of the line. Such vents as Judy Bush, Dennis Lee,Tim Cowles, Jim Adams, Steve Parker. The glue that ties them together is the belief in Jesus Christ and the gospel. Each Morning begins with a church service. But first lets have breakfast. Then you have a choice of 1 of 3 sections to choose from, puppetry, team leaders and ventriloquism, each one lasts 60 mins. ranging from beginners to advanced. There are certificates in musical,novelty, junior vent and senior vent. The competition is held during the evening with all other vents in attendence. Each chapel meeting has 2 15 min routine. one by a seasoned vent and another by a novice, or team. The performers range from Liz Von Seggen,Duane Laflin. You must make it a point to get to this convention and the Vent Haven convention to compare for your self, not which is better, but which offers you the lessons your seeking.

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